Do you deliver in Business addresses (non-residential building) only or Flats ?

We get better results on Business to Business promotions by covering nice residential areas – as every business owner lives some where nice in a home in residential area, plus easier to get access and attention for business owner for your company products and services as compared to contacting them at the business premises in busy business hours and you also aviod the reception staff or other admin workers who will not respond to your message due to they are not decision makers

We deliver to all residential properties with letterbox  access – We do not deliver Business or non-residential premises  or flats due to access problems. Our Distribution Policy is “No letterbox – No delivery”

How do I verify if my leaflets are distributed in the agreed quantity and areas ?

Before we start your job you will get email alert to say  which area we are starting distribution of your leaflets .  Once the job is completed , we will  send you full gps tracking data  report, which will show each and every house your leaflets are delivered with date and time information.You are free to check all or spot check any properties to verify – We will prove distribution to you via GPS tracking or your money back

I have leaflets printed ready , what do I need to do next?

Just drop them to our warehouse / storage facility and we will arrange the rest . We can also arrange to collect your leaflets via pre- agreed fixed collection fee.

our Local office address and contact details  can be found on our website areas covered and more information page

I have print ready design artwork file ready , can you help me print and distribute them as well ?

Yes sure , we can help you with Printing of leaflets. Actually we operate a high-quality and low-cost printing service to help save you time , money and hassel .

We even guarantee to beat or match any existing print quotation ,so you have nothing to lose.

We can supply and deliver (usually FREE delivery included)  to you any promotional material like, leaflets, flyers , folded menu, business cards, letterheads, compliments slips, banner, posters ,NCR sets and many other promotional print items for your business or organisation

What if I want to use my own printer?

That is perfectly okay and fine, just ask them to deliver your leaflets straight to us and we will arrange to receive them and store them for you for distribution for your door to door marketing campaign as per agreed areas and quantity.

Do you offer design service?

Yes we do offer professional design service for a fixed fee and unlimited revisions .

How do you accept payments ? And can I pay after the job done?

We can accept payments by cheque ( subject to funds clearing 7 working days before job start) , direct BACS payment or direct bank deposit to our banks nearest branch or can pay us in person when you come to drop your leaflets or when we arrange to collect your leaflets.

Unfortunately your job will only start once the payment has been received.

How long does it take to distribute my material ?

It depends on quantity, area and the type of distribution service you have selected.

Please call our local branch to discuss your requirement we will work with you closely to achieve the start and end time of your leaflet distribution campaign and can offer you the most cost effective service type solution .

Generally we advise clients to give us as much advance notice to book and plan your door to door marketing campaign to enable us to serve you  better.

Can you distribute my leaflets quickly in shareplan service with other items?

We can definately save you money by including your leaflets with other items in our shareplan service

However , we have to cover different areas in different week on rolling basis plus also wait to gather other companies flyers  in  same areas as yours, some times this can start straight away and some times you need to wait a little bit until we gather the flyers as some areas we get more demand frequently and some less popular areas do not get covered every month

It is still better to wait a little by planning in advance and save money on distribution costs

The Solus service is faster but the down side is as no other company is sharing the cost of distribution, the cost will be higher for you as you end up paying full cost of distribution

What are your prices for leaflet distribution ?

Our prices are very straight forward and transparent ,unlike many other distribution companies, please call us or contact our local branch via this website so we can calculate the areas , quantity and total cost for your door to door leaflet distribution marketing campaign.

Can you guarantee sales or more customers via leaflet distribution?

 I can only guarantee exposure to 10,000 homes via delivering your leaflet at 10,000 letterboxes , and 10,000 homes owners will get your message and offer.  Purchasing power is  in the hands of the audience who see your leaflet and message  and it cannot be controlled by us.  Sales will depend on your offer, quality and price of your product/service,  competition businesses doing leaflets in same areas , seasonality etc  and other marketing variables.

Which areas do you cover for leafelt distribution ?

we have our franchise independent officies in Leicester, Birmingham , Manchester and Nottingham and they cover most areas nearby or surrounding villages , please contact individual office for further information direct

I have received a much lower price quote from another company for leaflet distribution, can you match that quote ?

Our prices are very competitive and represent great return on investment for your marketing spend, with guaranteed and reliable leaflet distribution service.

Unfortunately there is always a reason for low price .

Unless there is exceptional circumstances like  you have a very large quantity requirement to distribute  and /or are flexible with dates and areas of the distribution of your leaflets  the prices have very little room to movement.

Can you provide details of house count and demographics information for the areas I am interested?

Yes, we can provide you FREE of charge and under no obligation accurate house count upto subpostcode level (e.g. LE2 6) and also help with demographics information for the areas you are interested, just get in touch with your requirements via this website or call our local branch direct.

I still need some help and information , or have more queries or concerns ?

okay, we fully understand you want to be 100% sure when selecting the correct distribution company for your marketing campaign.

Please feel free to get in touch with us via this website or call our local office direct to ask any more information or questions you may have, and we will try our best to provide you all information as soon as possible

Which areas you cover in UK currently for providing leaflet distribution and flyer printing services ?

We provide specialist service in Leicester, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham Uxbridge ( London – UB Postcode) areas in UK for leaflet distribution service, leaflet delivery service, flyer delivery service, flyer distribution service, flyer design and printing service, leaflet design and printing service

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