Leaflet Design/ Menu Design / Flyer Design:

We offer all our clients professional graphic design service to create your promotional material artwork design  print  ready file , at a fixed cost.

Please feel free to send us any  info on the design brief which you think should be included or taken account in creating 1 or 2 sided flyer design ,which may include (but not limited to) any info or details as below

1- Logo & All important images you want in your design, colours to be used etc.
2- Company name n tagline
3- important texts , service or product details , prices and offer details
4- contact details like email, telephone or mobile number, website, address.

We will start your design based on info  you have given to us and we will get back to you with a draft design to approve for printng  unless you need any tweaks or changes in the design you can let us know by replying back to us with any changes you need in the final design before you can approve for print

Unlimited changes or revisions included in fixed fee for design work  – PROVIDED YOU SEND US ALL THE CHANGES AT THE SAME TIME TO SAVE TIME AND KEEP DESIGN COST LOW FOR YOU

We will only go ahead with print once the design is approved by yourself for printing in writing by email/ text/ whatsapp only

Contact us today to our regional local office and we will send you fixed price quotation for your design work

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